Was Saturday's Game Against Monsters the Most Important of the Season?

Mike Hedden celebrates a goal with Travis Morin on Saturday against Lake Erie (Credit: Texas Stars)

It's early. It's really early. But eleven games in, have the Texas Stars already had a major watershed moment in their season, potentially one that could right the ship and set them toward regaining a playoff spot this season?

There's a certain amount of fight that is required from a team to pick themselves up off the ice after getting scored on twice in fourteen seconds and seeing a tie game evaporate into a near-certain loss. There is even more required to pick yourself up and then go out and close the gap in the final 123 seconds of the game and earn a point after losing your last three straight.

That kind of quick turnaround is what makes teams believe in themselves. Last year's team just didn't have that belief. It took the club until March to earn a come-from-behind third period victory. Once a few goals were past the tender, the air came out of the tires, and it was just a matter of time before another L got posted to the record.

After getting outscored 11-3 in their last three games, Texas could have just as easily resigned themselves to the loss, a 4-2 final against Lake Erie. Instead, a sweeping comeback in front of the home crowd reinvigorated the club. The next night they traveled to Houston on that wave of momentum and put up four goals on the Aeros to two against.

Looking back in April 2013, is it possible that November 10th against Lake Erie will be regarded as the watershed moment for the Texas Stars season? That may be a bit hyperbolic, but it's certainly the biggest game the Stars have played so far this season.

Games this weekend against San Antonio, who has a similar 4-6-0-1 record, and Charlotte, the best in the league at 9-3-0-1, will go a long way to proving that assertion right or wrong.