Hockey Is Back? No, It's Not

(Credit: Josh Rasmussen/Texas Stars)

The NHL usually does a pretty good job with heartrending commercials. Maybe you've seen this recent commercial from the NHL.

How about that tag line? #hockeyisback? If hockey is back, to quote Jason Chaimovitch, what have I been doing for the last four months?

You want to talk about a 'meditation on perfection'? How about Barry Brust, a goaltender without an NHL contract by the way, snapping the AHL's record for longest shutout streak this season. Brust played three consecutive shutouts, breaking a 55 year-old record and setting a new one at 268:17 of flawless play.

You want to chat about 'dedication'? How about all the guys who gut it out in the ECHL and CHL for league minimum? In the ECHL, that comes to just over $12,000. Can you personally live on $380 a week? Add to that travel by bus and, in the AHL, regular three games in three nights... Turns out you can manage, if you're playing the best sport in the world for a living.

'Unwavering faith in the incredible'? That's simple: USA 3, Sweden 1.

'Games aren't meant to be seen; they're meant to be felt.'? Three million fans have 'felt' AHL hockey in person this season. Do you think they're confused about hockey being back? What did countless season ticket holder die-hards do over a dozen times since October? Was that not hockey?

Add to that the accolades and accomplishments of dozens of leagues that I didn't mention here, not the least of which are Canadian Juniors and the NCAA.

So yea, NHL hockey is back, but...


  1. Excellent article.AHL will be the games I see not the NHL.Go Stars!!

  2. I think the lockout would have been a bit shorter if as part of arbitration the League and Players were required to watch that "#hockeyisback" video immediately followed by the week's AHL highlights.

    -- Enjoying the hockey all season in Cedar Park

  3. The AHL needs the NHL, but the NHL also needs the AHL. The solidarity shown by the AHL during the lockout towards the NHL has been unwavering. Instead of a "thank you, we'll take it from here", they claim hockey is back? Yuck. Great post. Well done.

    1. Thanks, neal. Don't forget those rules the AHL tested for the NHL during both lockouts...

  4. i can't speak for everyone but personally i love the Hybrid icing rule i think it makes it go tons faster. i hope they apply this in the NHL too.

    Also the covering the puck rule as a minor penalty i think cuts down on wasting clock time and delay of game.


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