Hockey in Austin Makes National News for the Wrong Reasons

I don't think I can claim to cover hockey in Austin without mentioning what happened last night to those of us enjoying overtime between the Bruins and Blackhawks.

Here's the video...

Yes. You saw that right. Someone or something at KXAN cut to commercial at the worst possible time, just before Seabrook's GWG.

To be fair, the on-air talent apologized at least three times during the ensuing newscast. Those apologies were not helped by the play-by-play of the goal being read by the sportscaster as "Brent Seabrook beats Jonathan Toews."

There was also a nice piece during the broadcast about hockey in Austin. I know everyone that was interviewed and have played with or against them all as well. I'll link it here for the sake of getting the word out and giving them some due. However, overall the piece felt a little forced. Hockey was treated like a brand new sport, as if a Quidditch league had sprung up in North Austin. To contrast, Sean Shapiro points out that Austin actually had the best overnight rating of all cities in Texas for the game at a 2.4.

Sometimes that's the way it is in Austin hockey. It's like a Rodney Dangerfield bit: we don't get no respect.

(Sidenote: Shoutout to Jeremy, a frequent reader, who was in the video. Also, of course, Ryan, Matt, Ron, and Bob. Ryan is one of the best players I've ever played with and Matt taught me how to take a good faceoff. Ron and Bob... well, I'll see you in the penalty box.)


  1. The best part is that I was literally told, "Hey, Jeremy! Want to be on the news tonight? Put on some pants and get out here!"

    1. You gotta love any news segment that starts "Put on some pants and get out here!"

  2. Funny thing...
    A friend of mine at KXAN called me in the early afternoon that day, asking where he could find people playing hockey. I told him that the ice at Cedar Park Center was already taken out, so the only option was Chap Ice.

    Unfortunately, he ended the conversation to return to what I assume was the pitch meeting before I could suggest that the story angle should be about the need for more ice facilities .

  3. Don't know why they would have to call anyone outside of KXAN for info on hockey, as the very same weather guy that was in the offending ad plays B2 and he's on my mixed league team. Boy is he going to get grief in the fall!!!


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