Stars Add C Chris Mueller, Former Stars on the Move

Chris Mueller, then as a Milwaukee Admiral, attempts to find a lane for the perfect pass during the 2011 Calder Cup Playoffs (Credit: Jeff Hanisch)
The Dallas Stars added some depth at center over the past few days including the signing of Chris Mueller to a one year, two-way contract. The pivot man sliced and diced the Stars in the 2011 playoffs for the Milwaukee Admirals. In just six games against Texas that series, he had three goals and five assists. His line with Gabriel Bourque was a main engine of the Stars' demise that year. Now the 27-year old Michigan State product likely brings his services to the Cedar Park Center.

Elsewhere, some former Stars have found new employers; others are still looking. Richard Bachman will be heading to the Edmonton Oilers organization, where he will likely visit the Cedar Park Center frequently as the #1 for the Oklahoma City Barons. He was a steady hand for Texas in the AHL but faltered in the NHL. Philip Larsen is also on the way to the Oilers, likely to make the NHL roster, as the return in the Shawn Horcoff trade.

Likely former Stars captain Maxime Fortunus has announced that he is going to be testing free agency and is still looking for a home. UFAs Carl Sneep and Tyler Sloan are also still seeking employment. Tyler Beskorowany, Jace Coyle and Mathieu Tousignant, all RFAs that did not receive qualifying offers, are all still in the available talent pool.

In other news, the Texas Stars will not be seeing Valeri Nichushkin this year according to an interview that Mark Stepneski did with his agent Monday. Either the young winger will play in the NHL for Dallas or head back to the KHL to play for Dynamo.


  1. Sneep and sloan did not bring much to the table, However i am highly sad to see Maxime our captain departing our organization.

  2. As a Dallas Stars fan watching Fortunus' ten game stint in the NHL I can't say that I'm sorry to see him go. He was -10 in 10 NHL games and those were pretty much his fault too. I'm sure he's a super nice guy and all that but Texas has outgrown him.

  3. Is this the year Watts gets the C, or will it be Petey or Mo? Will be interesting to see who the team picks.

  4. Morin will spend at least part of the year in Dallas again along with Alex Chiasson & Jordie Benn i do not see them being a captain, talking to other Texas fans i assume it will either be Toby Peterson or Francis Wathier.

    Fortunus might have been -10 in 10 NHL Games but as a Texas & Dallas stars fans i can't say his AHL career the last couple of years was any better at -1 & -13. and a -6 for dallas in 2009. But yes it seemed like he was a nice guy and a leader this year even if he was a -1.

    1. Morin won't spend a second in Dallas. He was signed just for depth in Texas.

      I hope Wathier gets the C, but I could see Peterson.

  5. I think this team will end up needing Max more than he needs them. This team is developing into a team that will be worse than the 2011-2012. People say we have guys in the pipe? Who? Nichushkin? no he won't be in the AHL under any circumstance (either NHL or KHL) Faska? Nope he is playing another year in Kitchener. That leaves Yuen (a small defenseman who couldn't make the Jets roster), Shore? He is 18 years old. Jason Dickenson? 18 years old. Bystrom? 18 years old. Molin? Lucky to make the AHL. Jokipakka? Wont even make it to North America. Stransky? Still in the Jr's Lucky to make the AHL when he goes pro. Button? At best a defensive defenseman but more likely a Jayce Coyle level player who unfortunately will make the team due to trying to show something of the trade with the Bruins.Vance? See Button above minus the Bruins tie.

    Other than that above it's going to be a team of the well worn Stars (Wathier, etc) and they guys that did fill in duty last year. Ritche is the only "Big" name and he is taking the place of Chaisson, Smith, Eakin, Dillon, Roussel, and Fraser.

    Will we see more moves? Hope so, Hedden signing would be big but not enough. Dallas has spent a ton of money on guys and don't look for much help there, matter of fact they might be taking more than giving this year being cash strapped.

    If I had to go into the season with this roster Willie would be the guy I would chose to do it but I still think it'e going to be a painful one to sit through.


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