Josh Robinson to Start Tonight With Nilstorp "Not Available"; Stars Sign Emergency ATO Goalie

Josh Robinson (Credit: Allen Picard/Idaho Steelheads)
The Texas Stars have signed an emergency backup goalie, Derek Hender, from the Des Moines Amateur Adult Hockey league. The signing seems to indicate another injury in the Stars' goalie ranks. Josh Robinson will get his second AHL start this evening, so you can draw your own conclusions regarding the health of Cristopher Nilstorp. Officially, the Stars have stated that Nilstorp is "not available" and nothing further.

If Nilstorp and Campbell are both injured, that would also imply that Pat Nagle is on his way to Des Moines currently. The Steelheads have a game tonight in Boise and recently signed another goaltender, Garrett Bartus.

One curious note: Derek Hender was born in 1967 and instantly becomes the oldest player to ever suit up for the Texas Stars. He's older enough to be most of the players' father and older than the Stars' GM, Scott White.


  1. Stephen, I saw your earlier comment on twitter, but I dont have an account. I dont think that Christopher has looked like himself yet this season, Jack looks better to me. If this schnide gets turned around by Josh, then I guess we have a goalie controversy. Steve


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