Media Day Notes: No Game One Starter Yet; Klingberg, Ritchie Out

Doug Lidster and Willie Desjardins (Credit: Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)
As the Lone Star state's hockey attention turns to the American Airlines Center this evening, the Texas Stars also held playoff media day today. With TV in the house, the questions were mostly generic things that readers of this blog and frequent visitors to the Cedar Park Center have heard asked and answered before.

However, here are some of my takeaways from the day:
  • Coach Desjardins would not name a game one starter in net. He has always stated that he likes to pick one guy and go with him. This season, however, Cristopher Nilstorp and Jack Campbell have been so good that he has had to alternate starts between them. Nilstorp hasn't lost in regulation since February 17th. Before last Saturday, Campbell hadn't lost in regulation since March 12th. They are both playing amazingly well this season. What's the edge? Nilstorp was in net for the elimination against OKC last season and is 5-3 against them this year. Campbell is 2-0 this year against OKC. I don't think we'll know until morning skate on Wednesday.
  • Coach Lidster said definitively that defenseman John Klingberg is 'out' at this time. He could probably help this team in the playoffs after what we saw from him late in the season, but it is overall better for him to make sure his injury issues recover and nott o push it. Texas has seven defensemen without Klingberg. Depending on how Dallas' series goes, they could add Nemeth by the end of the first round. Lidster pointed out that Nemeth was obviously in Dallas for a reason and that his return would make a strong D corps that much stronger.
  • Derek Hulak was participating in practice but was still in a red no-contact jersey.
  • Brett Ritchie was not in the building and is apparently on crutches. No word on his return potential.
  • With regard to potential return of Mueller, Jeffrey and Nemeth, Desjardins indicated it would be more of a conversation than an automatic assignment, based on their health.
  • Curtis McKenzie does not think he is the right person to babysit for Travis Morin. Also he feels assistant equipment manager Jorge Lopez is the X-factor in the playoff run. Seriously though, it's McKenzie's first pro playoff run where he will be getting into games. He is excited to get away from the college one-and-done format and play out longer series and excited to play after acting as more of a black ace last year.


  1. Since Sceviour's name was not among those who could return if Dallas were to lose, is it safe to say he definitely won't be returning?

  2. Yeah unfortunately Scevs won't be able to come back. They would have to put him on waivers and that is too risky for him to get taken by another team. :/

  3. The NHL trade deadline was 3/5 and Sceviour was still on the Texas roster until 3/11. Found this on the AHL site "and per National Hockey League rules, only those players who have been recalled from an AHL club following the NHL trade deadline may be returned to the AHL during the remainder of the season." Unless there is something that has changed he should be able to come back if Dallas wants him to.


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