No, Colton Sceviour Is Not Coming Back for the AHL Playoffs

The oldest picture I can find of Colton Sceviour because nostalgia
(Credit: Chicago Wolves)
I feel like this is a topic that is going to come up a lot, so I need to write something that I can refer people to in the future.

Colton Sceviour is the games played leader all-time for the Texas Stars. He is tied with Morin for goals scored all-time at 99 and somewhere in the top five in most other meaningful offensive categories. After an All-Star season in the AHL, he was recalled to the NHL to play for Dallas. He earned himself a two-year one-way deal with the NHL club, and he's got a goal and two assists in the NHL playoffs.

And no matter how much he might be worth as an assignment to the Texas Stars, he won't be joining the team if the Dallas Stars finish their playoff run before Texas.

The reason why is his waiver status. If Sceviour were to be sent down, he would have to pass through NHL waivers. You can read more about those in the 100 Degree Hockey Glossary.

Put yourself in the shoes of another team. If you had the chance to claim a player like Sceviour at the price he is being paid ($600k in year one and $700k in year two), wouldn't you jump at it? He has three points in three NHL playoff games. That's a pretty good value.

Now put yourself in Dallas's shoes. Would you risk losing Sceviour to another organization to send him down? There's almost no way he isn't claimed.

For those reasons, Colton Sceviour is a Dallas Star, regardless of how the NHL playoffs go for Dallas. Period.

A note on all other potential assignees

Dallas and Texas will have to have a conversation about the health of the players when Dallas's run ends, according to Coach Desjardins. However, Chris Mueller, Dustin Jeffrey and Patrik Nemeth are all eligible for assignment. Mueller and Jeffrey must pass through waivers.

Making a claim on either of those two is not a smart play for another NHL club, since they are both free agents on July 1. Claiming them would do nothing but prevent them for playing for Texas in the playoffs. Sports are cut-throat but teams wouldn't give up their waiver spot to do that.

Patrik Nemeth is waiver exempt as a second year player.