Campbell, Dowling Injuries Will Challenge Stars in Game 6

Jack Campbell (Credit: Mark Newman)
Adversity was the watch word coming into Game 5 last night. The Stars persevered in the end, but the game itself generated even more potential adversity for Texas. Two of their top playoff performers, goaltender Jack Campbell and center Justin Dowling, were both injured in the game.

Dowling has three goals and five assists for eight points in eight games this postseason. He left last night's contest in the first period and did not return. Campbell was injured with 1:59 left in the third period. After a solid save, he went down on all fours in pain and was relieved by Cristopher Nilstorp.

To call Dowling a steady playoff performer would be an understatement. He's tied with Brendan Ranford for second place on the team in point scoring with both averaging a point per game. Only Travis Morin's 10 points in eight games is better. He has also formed a steady pairing with Mike Hedden throughout the past two years. Hedden's time with Texas in 2011-12 proved that he could be placed anywhere and have success. However, already without Brett Ritchie on the wing, the 'Dowling' line is now down to a single orphaned winger. Where do you put a lone Mike Hedden?

Does this make sense?
On the goalie front, it was Nilstorp's turn next in the rotation for Game 6. Josh Robinson is in town to backup the Swede if Campbell cannot. If it comes to Game 7 though, what happens? Does Texas go back to Nilstorp or go with Campbell, if healthy?

Lots to be thinking about on this idle Saturday as the Stars make their way back to central Texas. We'll know more tomorrow at morning skate.


  1. I looked at the game from last night to find Dowling's injury. I think it happens 6:56 into the video replay on AHL Live.
    It looks like he was hit late by Tootoo behind the play, and you can see it on the left side of the screen. Dowling had just gotten on the ice 10 seconds before hand. Griffins were making a break out of their zone, Tootoo quickened his pace, then lined up with Dowling and changed his direction to hit him. From the way Dowling flailed, it looked to me like Tootoo hit Dowling's head.
    The whistle was called for off-sides, and there wasn't any mention of the hit. Dowling didn't come back onto the ice after that.


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