Future of Texas Stars Custom License Plates in Jeopardy

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has announced that it will phase out 87 custom plates that have been sold through their partner MyPlates.com at the end of this year. The DMV is now requiring that each active plate have at least 200 users per year.

According to a source, the Texas Stars custom plate is currently at fewer than 200 users and will be among the plates that will get the ax at the end of the year. The Dallas Stars custom plate is also on the chopping block.

According to the Dallas Morning News, MyPlates.com has added a $25 rebate for all orders of at-risk plates. The main driver for the change is that the customized and varied license plates create confusion for law enforcement.

"I'm surprised they didn't get at least 200 plates," said James Mitchell, a Texas Stars season ticket holder since 2009. "I thought for sure at least 200 season ticket holders would order them."

Mitchell recently changed over to vanity text on his custom plate reading '14 CUP'. He isn't worried too much about losing his plate though.

"I ordered it for ten years."

(Stick tap to reader, Katie T., for bringing this story to my attention)


  1. I've had my Stars plat for thee years now.

  2. I've had mine for 2 years and about to renew for a third. I'm hoping that they don't take away ones that are already in use.

  3. I hate this news, especially since I ordered my "CUP 14" plate 3 weeks ago, before they were offering the $25 discount! Funny to see someone had the same idea with "14 CUP"!


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