Jokipakka, Oleksiak to Texas for NHL All-Star Break

Jyrki Jokipakka and Jamie Oleksiak have both been assigned to the Texas Stars for the weekend. The two defenseman are both waiver-exempt, allowing them to be easily sent down to Texas. The NHL All-Star Break means they'll be available to get some high quality ice time in Texas this weekend. The Stars play Chicago Friday and Saturday. Expect both to be recalled after the break.


  1. Sounds kind of good but it's not what this team needs. I can't recall a single player that was assigned knowing it was for a few games where they had significant impact in the win/loss count. Generally they get outplayed by the guys who "want" to be here.

    Additionally we need something solid. Texas should call up a goaltender and send Campbell down to get some playing time. Here Campbell is being wasted and wasting a roster spot when we need to find a goaltender who can string some games together (the two we have can't do it).

    1. It's extremely unlikely Texas would send Campbell to the ECHL. There is a big difference between the leagues for a goaltender. Idaho is quite good but as a league, the ECHL is less defensively responsible.

  2. hmmm...that was actually a kind way of saying Campbell isn't ready for the AHL. He is the bottom three in the league in save % and GAA...that isn't going to do the Stars any good from here on out.


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