Travis Morin Signs Two-Year Extension with Dallas Stars

(Credit: Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)
Travis Morin, the reigning AHL regular season MVP, Calder Cup MVP and statistical leader in almost every meaningful offensive category for the Texas Stars, has signed a two-year extension to his contract with the Dallas Stars. Both years of the contract are two-way, meaning Morin has one salary in the NHL and another in the AHL.

Morin was slated to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. His new deal will keep him with the organization until 2017.

Morin began his AHL career in Hershey after being drafted by the Washington Capitals in the ninth round. He only played a few games for the Bears from 2007-2009. In 2009-10, he came to Texas on a PTO and eventually earned a standard player contract. He became a Dallas Stars contracted player the next year and played in his first NHL game. He has twelve games in the NHL in his career with a single assist.

Of course, in Texas, Morin is arguably the best and most consistent player the team has had in its history. A massive difference maker at the AHL level and duly recognized for that by the league, having won MVP honors last season in the regular season and playoffs.

Morin is currently sitting in a state of limbo with the organization. If he is recalled again and plays in a game, he will lose his waiver-exemption and could be claimed by any team in the league if he is placed on waivers with the intention of sending him back down to Texas.

It is a positive sign for the organization to retain Morin on this contract. There is no doubt he would have had some lucrative deals on the table this summer in terms of AHL money. Sadly, with the loss of, we will be unable to determine his new AHL salary, but this deal could easily see him in Chris Mueller territory ($300,000 in the minors). There is no doubt that his familiarity with the team and the area played a part in the signing. Morin and his wife have two young children who have both grown up in Cedar Park.

Morin will represent the Texas Stars and the Western Conference at the AHL All-Star Game next week in Utica. It is his third time being named and second time participating in the mid-season event.


  1. Glad he'll be coming back, but I wonder if he's giving up a better shot at making an NHL team with another organization?

  2. Great news for the entire Stars organization! I don't think there's any question that the Dallas Stars see the value Morin brings to the club, especially in terms of his impact on younger prospects who are learning and finding their way. The Stars will have several new, young forwards coming into Cedar Park next year, including Jason Dickinson, Remi Elie and Cole Ully. Having them learn from one of the great AHL players and a consummate team guy like Morin can pay huge dividends. One would hope the Stars are rewarding Morin for his loyalty with a very sturdy AHL salary!


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