Former Star Francis Wathier Shaves His Head to Support Iowa-Based Fan with Cancer

The Wathier family has maintained close connections to people they've met throughout Francis' long career. That includes Karen Bougher, an Iowa fan who "rarely misses a hockey game," that the Wathiers met during their four years in Des Moines. Bougher was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a double mastectomy in December. She is currently in the midst of multiple chemotherapy sessions that began on January 27th.

Karen decided to shave her head in advance of her second chemotherapy treatment yesterday. Former Star Francis Wathier joined Karen from Portland, Maine, via video chat and shaved his head as well in a showing of solidarity. His wife, Isabel, filmed the event while two of his children helped him out with the task.

You can learn more about Karen's fight here. Texas will host its 6th Annual Pink in the Rink night when Texas returns to the CPC on February 27th and 28th.


  1. One in a million guy. Wish they would have bought him back this year.

  2. Thank you Carl!
    Thank you 100 degree hockey!

  3. I can only say what a class guy Francis is to do this for a fan from years ago. Definitely the kind of veteran player a team wants in the locker room.
    - PBG

  4. First class athlete. What a huge heart!


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