Gameday Preview: Stars v. San Antonio Rampage

Texas Stars
19-15-10-0, 48 pts
#10 Western Conference
v.San Antonio Rampage
25-14-4-0, 54 pts
#5 Western Conference
February 3rd at 7:30 PM
Cedar Park Center, Cedar Park, TX

UPDATE: Jussi Rynnas recalled to Dallas and Anders Lindback assigned to Texas. Jesse Root sent to Idaho.

Welcome to February: a new month that will start with a schedule full of familiar opponents. Over the next week, tonight's two opponents will face off three times. The Stars only other game in that time frame is against OKC on Sunday.

Tonight game will end the five-game homestand for Texas and could give them a shot at a very successful run through those games. I don't think anyone would argue that finishing with seven of a possible ten points would be a pretty good number. If the Stars competed at that clip for the rest of the season, they're a lock for the playoffs of course. But Texas has a shot at making a good homestand into a great one with two points tonight.

History this season is not on the Stars' side. This season so far, Texas is 1-4-1 against San Antonio. Their only win of the season was December 28th and last week's game was just the second time this year Texas has gotten points in the matchup.

Helping matters for Texas will be Brett Ritchie and Jamie Oleksiak, both assigned on Sunday. Ritchie had a great run with Dallas over the past few weeks, collecting his first NHL goal on his first NHL shot. He had three goals and an assist in eight games played before going down with an injury. With Patrick Eaves now healthy for Dallas, Ritchie heads back to the AHL.

It looks like Matt Mangene and William Wrenn will be defensive scratches. There are enough forwards that one will be a scratch as well.

Stars injury/call up report:
Jokipakka, Rynnas (call up)
Henderson (injury, upper body)
Faksa (injury, out for season)

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  1. Probably to early to start saying "now or never" but we know who SA is and we know the way they play and we have no reason to think Texas can all of a sudden play differently than the way they got to 1-4-1 against the Rampage. We play SA 6 more times and let's say the Stars have another 6 games they aren't suited to play in that's giving up 12 loses or 24 points, that's reason to believe they will be eliminated from the playoffs. In short if Texas is beat in a disturbing fashion again it's time to question those who build the make up of this team. It's also time to trim the backside of the roster and go another direction and try to work a deal for Glennie and move a goaltender up from the ECHL and move Campbell down to get minutes and some playoff time.

    If we win...never mind

  2. Well Rynnas has been called up to Dallas and Lindback sent back to Texas, we are sunk. Campbell can't stay in the goal to keep shots out and Lindback is well not very good. Rynnas is better than the both of them.

    1. In the 5 games Lindback has in Texas he has a .946 sav% and 1.59 goals against, both those numbers are far better than any other Texas goalie, I will say Rynnas was catching his stride and it does suck he is going to be sitting on the bench cooling off in Dallas and will probably suck again when they reassign him in a week or two.

  3. When a player like Rynnas gets an NHL call-up, but he doesn't play... does he at least bank a big fat NHL payday?

    1. Good question. Yes, he gets the NHL paycheck regardless of if he plays.

    2. To be clear though, Rynnas is on a one-way contract and makes his NHL salary in Dallas or Cedar Park no matter what.

  4. While we are speaking of Rynnas. Does anyone know what/who is on his helmet? Looks like a guy with a mustache, but I'm sure there is a story there.

  5. It's his friend's dad. Sean Shapiro did a story on it here:


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