Texas Stars Fan Pops the Question on the Ice with Help from Jack Campbell

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(Credit: Michael Connell)
Popping the question is undoubtedly one of the most nerve-wracking moments in a guy’s life. Getting the words out, making sure you have the ring, and hoping she’ll say yes are all weighing on your mind.

Now imagine doing it in goalie gear on the ice at the Cedar Park Center with Texas Stars goalie Jack Campbell feet away and a handful of Texas players and friends watching from behind the glass.

Joe Brehm is the man with the nerves of steel.

“My heart was racing knowing that I was going to skate on the ice with Jack Campbell for what my girlfriend thought was a ‘practice session’ and then pop the question. Walking down the player tunnel and taking the ice was a surreal experience.”

At a season ticket holder autograph session earlier in the season, Brehm had quietly asked Campbell if he would assist on the proposal.

“Of course, I’m going to do it,” said Campbell. “It’s a pretty big honor and privilege when someone zones in on you as a player. It was fun to be a part of.”

(Credit: Michael Connell)
Brehm, who grew up in Arizona, never played much hockey as a kid. His girlfriend, Samantha, introduced him to the game, and they first attended a Texas game for her birthday. They bought season tickets and then something else happened. Joe decided to try his hand at playing goal in the local men’s leagues.

Brehm explained, “Despite having never played hockey before or even knew how to skate, I donned the pads to learn the game of hockey and play as a goalie, inspired by Jack Campbell. Learning the position gave me a huge respect for the talent and ability of professional net-minders.”

So a plan was hatched. Brehm would come on the ice after a home game and do a little shoot around with Campbell. All the while, the end game was the proposal. Campbell started the March 15th home game and collected his first AHL win in three months in a masterful performance.

“Samantha and I enjoyed watching the Angry Swede (Cristopher Nilstorp), but Jack Campbell became our favorite player. When it came time for me to propose, I had to involve our favorite activity: the Texas Stars.”

With Travis Morin, Justin Dowling, many Stars’ front office staff members and a huge number of section 103 season ticket holders looking on, Brehm took the ice.

“I was doing warmups and stretches when I see a green pair of green Vaughn pads skate over to me. I look up to see Jack's smiling face. I was pretty nervous to be asking the big question in just a few minutes, but he reassured me that I was going to do great. ”

(Credit: Michael Connell)
Campbell took some practice shots on Brehm, all of which he snagged, stopped or had some help from the post on. Joe joked Campbell was making an effort “not make me look too bad in front of everyone.” After getting some pointers on his game from Campbell, it was time for the big moment. Samantha came onto the ice for some quick pictures with Campbell and Joe.

Campbell explained, “The only thing he asked me to do was make a joke about how they’ve been dating for five years, and he hadn’t proposed yet. I made that joke, and she took the bait and started chirping him.”

Brehm took that opportunity to get down on one knee and propose. It went off without a hitch.

“I am very appreciative of everything the Texas Stars did for us,” said Brehm. “I look forward to being a lifetime fan.”

After the proposal, Joe and Samantha might need to plan for an extra attendee or two at their wedding though.

“I’ve barely been to a wedding in general,” said Campbell. “I’ve been to two, my cousin’s and Dustin Jeffrey’s last summer. The whole marriage thing is new to me.

“But if I’m in town, I’ll definitely go!”


  1. The whole 103 hockey family wish you two the very best! Thanks, Jack, for making this dream come true for Joe!! SA

  2. Pretty freaking cool - way to go Jack Campbell!!!

  3. Awesome story! Way to go campbell and the stars for stepping up.



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