Three Reasons to Root for the Vancouver Canucks This Postseason

It's the best time of year; the playoffs are here. With Dallas out of the running, you're probably trying to determine which club you should root for to hoist Lord Stanley's chalice. I've got a suggestion. How about the Vancouver Canucks?

Here's are three convincing reasons why you should pick the Canucks...

Enjoy the playoffs...

(Also, if the Canucks stay in the playoffs and the Stars play Utica, that's an advantage for Texas... but that's not the point of this post.)

(Image credit in order to Colin Peddle/AHL, Josh Rasmussen/Texas Stars, Texas Stars)


  1. I've been rooting for them all season. And to think that that killer combo COULD have been kept in Dallas and they'd be heading to the play offs, instead.....


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