Texas Stars 2015-16 Contract Status

(Credit: Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)
Here's a look at who is under contract and the status for anyone who isn't at the end of this year...

Under NHL contract
Locked up with Dallas for next season.
  • Branden Troock
  • Brendan Ranford
  • Brett Ritchie
  • Cole Ully
  • Devin Shore
  • Esa Lindell
  • Gemel Smith
  • Henri Kiviaho
  • Jason Dickinson
  • Julius Honka
  • Jussi Rynnas
  • Justin Dowling
  • Ludwig Bystrom
  • Matej Stransky
  • Mattias Backman
  • Mattias Janmark
  • Maxime Lagace
  • Philippe Desrosiers
  • Radek Faksa
  • Taylor Peters
  • Travis Morin
  • Troy Vance
Restricted free agents
Dallas must tender these players qualifying offers by June 30th to retain their services. If not, they become unrestricted free agents.
  • Curtis McKenzie
  • Jack Campbell
  • Jamie Oleksiak
  • Ludwig Karlsson
  • Scott Glennie
Unrestricted NHL free agents
These players can sign with anyone on July 1.
  • Cameron Gaunce
  • Kevin Henderson
  • Scott Valentine*
Unrestricted AHL free agents
There are only a handful of multi-year AHL deals in the entire league each year. The vast majority of AHL contracts, including all of the ones listed below, are one year long. These players can sign anywhere on July 1.
  • Derek Hulak
  • Derek Meech
  • Greg Rallo
  • Jesse Root
  • Matt Mangene
  • Maxime Fortunus
  • Mike Dalhuisen
  • William Wrenn
* - Scott Valentine was technically restricted by Nashville's QO of him last summer, which restricted his options last year. It's quite a mess that I'll outline in a coming post.


  1. Of all the AHL unrestricted free agents if your the GM who do you bring back. My choice is Rallo Hulak and Meech

    1. I don't think you can *not* bring back Max. Rallo had the best offensive year of his career and clicks with Lax. With how young the D will be, I think you need a guy like Meech. Finally, Hulak is a promising young gun that they need to sign again.

      The only thing that could change this is a vet signing a la Chris Mueller by Dallas. Someone with a 300k salary intended on rocking the AHL roster.

  2. Meech is gone. Bummer. Good news for Max.

  3. Thanks, this list of where our players stand is great!!!!


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