What to Expect from the NHL Draft From a Texas Stars Perspective

Devin Shore (Credit: Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)
The hockey world pivots from the NHL Awards to the NHL Draft tonight in Sunrise, Florida. This year's top pick has been known for several years. Connor McDavid, widely touted as 'The Next One', will be the prize of the draft, selected by Edmonton. Jack Eichel, no slouch himself, is expected to be #2 for Buffalo. Lower down the order, the Dallas Stars pick at #12 overall. In all, the Stars have six picks, one in each round except for the third.

To figure out when players are expected to hit the AHL, let's take a look at when the Texas Stars 2014-15 squad was drafted.

(Note: I've left out a number of free agent and veteran players like Fortunus, Morin, Meech, etc.)

Year Round Overall Rookie Late season add?
Scott Glennie 2009 1 8
Curtis McKenzie 2009 6 159
Jack Campbell 2010 1 11
John Klingberg 2010 5 131
Jamie Oleksiak 2011 1 14
Brett Ritchie 2011 2 44
Mattias Backman 2011 5 146
Matej Stransky 2011 6 165
Jyrki Jokipakka 2011 7 195
Radek Faksa 2012 1 13
Ludwig Bystrom 2012 2 43 Yes Yes
Devin Shore 2012 2 61 Yes Yes
Esa Lindell 2012 3 74 * Yes
Gemel Smith 2012 4 104 Yes
Branden Troock 2012 5 134
Jason Dickinson 2013 1 29 Yes Yes
Mattias Janmark 2013 3 79 * Yes
Cole Ully 2013 5 131 Yes Yes
Julius Honka 2014 1 14 Yes

* - Not a rookie due to games played overseas but first year in the AHL.

So if you look at this chart, you can expect that players drafted this year in the 2015 Draft will start to filter into the AHL as ATOs in 2017 and have a bigger impact in 2017-18.


  1. 2009s are gone, time for the 2011s and 2012s to make their mark.


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