Gameday Preview: Texas Stars at San Diego Gulls, Game 4

Texas Stars
40-25-8-3, 91 pts, 0.599
#3 Pacific Division
atSan Diego Gulls
39-23-4-2, 84 pts, 0.618
#2 Pacific Division
Gulls lead 2-1

April 29th at 9:05 PM
Valley View Casino Center, San Diego, CA

Well, this is it. Win or it's over.

Tonight's game needs to be the complete opposite of last night's debacle. Texas didn't get timely saves. They gave away too many power play chances. They didn't take advantage of their own power play chances.

Essentially everything they did in Game 2. If tonight's game can be a carbon copy of Game 2, who knows what happens in Game 5? If it's like Game 1 and Game 3, we'll see you in October.

(Credit: Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)
We'll find out at some point in the morning, but one obviously huge question is who starts in net. Campbell had a great game in Game 2 but didn't give Texas the saves it needed in Game 3. Do you go back to Lagace, who faired poorly in Game 1, or stick with the only goalie who's won this postseason?

Stars injury/call up report:
Shore, Ully, Troock (injury, out for season)
Rallo (injury, lower body)

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