Texas Stars Top Rampage in Preseason OT Action

No stats, no lines, but it's hockey. The Stars defeated the Rampage in overtime 3-2. Just a few spare thoughts.

  • Philippe Desrosiers got a lot of work but only allowed a single goal. Landon Bow did the same. Nothing really decided on that front from this game. From the play-by-play, Bow seems more raw than Desrosiers, which makes sense since he's a rookie.
  • Will Merchant's name was mentioned quite a bit. He's on an ECHL deal but could be a depth callup when needed.
  • Branden Troock scored the game-winner tonight, which is great for him. The forward had issues with concussions last season and got shut down late in the season after working through the first half of the season to come back from the same injury.
  • Other Texas goals in the game came from Zach Bell and Caleb Herbert.