Quick Hits: Brent Regner Brings Vet Experience on the Backend

Brent Regner, foreground, stands his ground against Brian Flynn
(Credit: Texas Stars)
After practice today, I grabbed a few quick minutes with Brent Regner, who signed with Dallas in the offseason after spending last year with the Florida Panthers organization, mostly in Springfield.

HDH: Most Stars' fans are familiar with you from your time with Chicago, but that was only a few games per season. What type of defenseman are you and what do you bring to a team?

I'm a two-way defenseman who will jump up in the play. I try to bring some energy. I've played power play and penalty kill. Just a puck moving defenseman who can jump up in the play.

HDH: From that time with Chicago, what do you remember about the type of game that Texas plays?

When I was with Chicago, you guys were on top. I know they play a hard game that's very structured, very tight. When you come into this building, you know it's going to be a tough night. One thing I remember is how good their sticks were. Coming in, I want to make sure to put us back on top.

HDH: In Portland and Springfield, you had a chance to play with goalie Mike McKenna. What is he like as a goalie?

He's very composed back there and a great goalie. I love playing in front of him. He moves the puck well and talks a lot. You know he'll be back there, and he'll let you know if you made a mistake and he'll let you know if he made a mistake. It's a great relationship with the D. I've played with him for three years and I'm looking forward to playing with him again.

HDH: Coach Laxdal mentioned the ability to get started on special teams work early this camp. What are you guys working on with special teams here in camp?

The team with the top PP and PK are in the top five in the league. If we can get a jumpstart on it, that's huge. We're just getting to know Xs and Os and things are a little different with the PK style and getting familiarized with it.

HDH: Any changes in special teams from Dallas to here?

Not much change from Dallas to Texas.