Local Chaparral Ice Teams Kick Butt, Head to Canada for International Tournament

Just a quick hit to talk about the success of the local Chaparral ice teams at the Silver Stick Tournament in Maryland recently. Here are the full stats.

Here's a clipping on the news from Chaparral Ice:
Chaparral Ice sent seven teams to the Silver Sticks, and all seven made it to semifinals, with four advancing to finals. Two teams, specifically Chaparral Ice’s 12U B team and 16U A team, won it all in their divisions and are headed to Ontario in January to compete against the best teams in their division from Canada.

This is huge for the hockey community in Austin, especially considering how small they are compared to teams in other parts of the country where there are more resources and people interested in the sport. Right now, they’re fundraising to get travel costs covered before 2018 – The 12U B and 16U A teams, coached by Dan Sutterman and CJ Demmons.
Contact the Chaparral Ice if you have any interest in helping these teams pay travel costs to make it to Canada.


  1. The 16U team played their last 3 games on Olympic-sized ice, and won the Championship game in a 3-on-3 overtime. Our local teams seemed to be better skaters than the East-coast teams we faced. The opponents also seemed to be surprised at how physical we play. Headed to Newmarket, Ontario on Jan. 11! Should be a fun trip for the team, and will get to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto!


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