Former Texas Star Luke Gazdic Happy to See He Still Has Fans in Cedar Park

Luke Gazdic gets acquainted with Landon Bow
(Credit: Andy Nietupski/Texas Stars)
Last night was Luke Gazdic's first time back in Cedar Park since he left the Texas Stars in the 2012-13 season. The winger's rookie year was Texas's inaugural year in the league, and he quickly became a fan favorite. It was an emotional return, for sure.

"I tried not to put anything out," he said after the game, a 6-2 win for Stockton. "I tried not to tweet anything or write anything because you never know with this stuff. I wasn't sure if I was going to play."

Stockton is sitting a few good veterans each night as they face similar veteran issues to Texas. Gazdic was very pleased to be in, even if it was a bit disorienting. "I almost did the Texas loop and had to realize I had to keep skating to the other end!"

He was also overjoyed to to see some fans in the stands.

"In warmups, I saw a couple of the diehards that have been here since day one. I was so glad to come out, and there were still signs and jerseys and pictures. I'm going to go sign some autographs right now, so it's nice after four years that I'm still cared for and respected."

If he can get into the lineup tonight, he's hoping to make a mark against his former club, "Hopefully tomorrow I can get a goal or a scrap. Get on the board somehow!"