Texas Stars Not Sending Anyone to AHL All-Star Game; Curtis McKenzie Injured

McKenzie screened the goalie as Regner scored the first Texas goal last night.
(Credit: Derek Sparta/Texas Stars)
The Texas Stars confirmed this morning that there will not be a representative from the team at the AHL All-Star Game in Utica this weekend. After Curtis McKenzie was injured late in the second period last night, he was pulled from the event. Given the late timing of the injury in reference to the All-Star festivities, there was no time to select a replacement.

This weekend's All-Star game would have been the first of McKenzie's career.


  1. How did they not have a backup already selected??? Piss poor management. We have at least 4 guys who could have done well.

    1. FWIW, most players make plans for the All-Star Break if they aren't going.


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