Texas Stars Desperate to Avoid Ninth Straight Loss in Manitoba

(Credit: Andy Nietupski/Texas Stars)

What more can be said at this point? The Texas Stars are in the deepest funk they have ever been as a franchise. Eight straight losses have sunk them to the bottom of the standings. With just eight points, they are tied with San Diego for the worst record in the entire 31 team league. Pending the results of tonight's games, they could be alone at the bottom as San Jose faces San Diego later this evening. The Stars, of course, hope for a turnaround.

Texas is stuck in their heads. They've taken a bad start and made it worse by feeling sorry for themselves when the going gets tough. We've all been there. Professional athletes have all been there at some point in their career. Weathering the storm is part of what it means to be a professional athlete, in fact. When everything about the situation tells you it's time to pack it up and go home, you've got to stick it out and go for that next goal, try to even things up and make headway. This is overcoming the fragility that Coach Laxdal has mentioned. The team's psyche balances on a pinpoint.

Tonight's game in Manitoba is a test. It might be the Stars' best choice for points on the road trip if we're being honest. Texas has to play 8-2-2-1 Toronto in Ontario this weekend and then San Antonio, who is in playoff position as of this morning.

Weather the first period. Score the first goal. Just play tight hockey. If there was ever a time for a prototypical "boring" road game, this is it. Can Texas execute? We'll find out tonight at 7:00.

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