Texas Stars Opt In, Set to Play in 6-Team Central

(Credit: Texas Stars)

The Texas Stars are in. The American Hockey League had a momentous Board of Governors meeting today where teams had to give their in/out status for the 2020-21 season. In the end, all but three teams will play in the abridged campaign. Charlotte, Milwaukee and Springfield are the lone opt-outs.

The Stars will stay in the Central Division, which adds Cleveland and subtracts Milwaukee and Manitoba. The Moose will play in an all-Canadian division that will obviate the need for cross-border travel.

February 5th is still the projected start date for this truncated season, which will feature fewer games than normal. Some rumours place the number as low as 24 required games while original estimates ranged up to 44.

In addition to the opt outs, four teams also chose to relocate for the season. Binghamton will play in Newark, NJ. Ontario will move to El Segundo, CA. The Providence Bruins will head to Marlborough, MA, and the San Diego Gulls will shift to Irvine, CA.

More schedule details are forthcoming.