100 Degree Hockey Welcomes Staff Writer Nathan Han

(Credit: Ross Bonander/Texas Stars)

I'm excited to announce another staff writer for the site today, Nathan Han. Nathan is a UT journalism student whose work on Longhorn sports for The Daily Texan built an excellent portfolio for him. He already rode along on last Thursday's game to get the feel for the gig.

Nathan will be covering home and away games, and his first solo game should be November 12th. In the meantime, here's an intro from him:

I am super excited to be joining 100 Degree Hockey! Being born and raised in the Dallas area, I've grown up as a Dallas Stars and Texas Stars fan since I was little. I remember always really enjoying the random Stars game I would go to every once in a while as a kid.

But my true fandom for hockey started when I first really followed the Dallas Stars during their 2014 season. Playoff heartbreak to the Blues aside, the team's Stanley Cup Finals run in 2020 is one of my favorite sports moments. I specifically remember watching every minute of the series against the Golden Knights and pissing off all my roommates after the Denis Gurianov goal in OT to send the Stars to the finals in Game 5.

Currently, I'm a UT-Austin student studying journalism who also writes for our school newspaper, The Daily Texan. I’m extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to write for 100 Degree Hockey and look forward to bringing insightful coverage to the team.

Please join me in welcoming Nathan! You can follow him on social @NathanHan13.