Ice Rinks at The Crossover Rebrand as 'ONICE', Will Honor Existing Schedule and Memberships

(Credit: The Crossover)

The Crossover reached out to 100 Degree Hockey today with a statement to further clarify this week's events, which saw their tenant for ice rinks, Chaparral Ice, leave the facility due to their bank loans being called in.

The facility wished to convey that operations will continue smoothly with the new management team, Rink Management, under a new name: ONICE at the Crossover. There will be no cancellations to events and "a majority" of Chaparral's staff has been re-hired to work the rink. Memberships, which were a large part of the value proposition of the previous operators, will be honored as well.

Statement from The Crossover:

While it is sad that the relationship with Chaparral Ice became financially unsustainable, our two organizations continue to share the same passion and purpose for family, fun, entertainment and fitness. We’re incredibly grateful for their well-wishes, and likewise, wish them all the best.

The Crossover immediately hired a new entity, Rink Management, to manage and operate the ice rinks, now renamed ONICE at the Crossover. All existing commitments, including memberships and scheduled events, will be honored. Additionally, a majority of the prior operator’s staff has already been re-hired. We’re all working together to make the transition as seamless as possible for our patrons.

It’s also important to clarify that Chaparral Ice was just one of many tenants and amenities that are a part of The Crossover. Other offerings include music, dance, other fitness concepts and an indoor-outdoor food and beverage concept that has been incredibly well-received by the community. We remain resolved in our commitment to ensure The Crossover continues to be a world-class destination for sports, wellness, and entertainment.