Dallas Swaps Jacob Peterson to San Jose for Scott Reedy in 'Change of Scenery' Trade for Both

(Credit: Ross Bonander/Texas Stars)

It certainly wasn't the year that Jacob Peterson was hoping for after spending 65 games in Dallas last year to only play in a single NHL game this season. The same could be said for San Jose's Scott Reedy, who played 35 for the Sharks last year but has only played in the AHL this season. The forwards swapped squads today at the trade deadline.

GM Jim Nill noted that Peterson was becoming frustrated with his time in the AHL and needed a change of scenery. Peterson has been an effective forward for a stacked offensive group in Cedar Park but has been eclipsed by a number of others who have gotten all of the callups this season, including the Fredriks (Olofsson and Karlstrom) as well as Marian Studenic. Peterson has been on the power play for Texas this season, but the Stars have no shortage of potential special teams contributors to plug in.

As with all of these change of scenery trades, here's hoping it is a spark for both players.