Stars of the Game Records

At the end of every AHL game, three stars are awarded. This spreadsheet tracks how many times each Texas Stars player has been awarded a star and how many times Texas has received X many stars in wins and losses. This list includes all years of history beginning with 2009. Preseason games are not included. Post season games are included. Any player not listed has never received a star. Players in italics are no longer active Texas Stars.

Texas Stars' Stars of the Game


  1. So, if I'm reading this correctly...there was a game that we lost and still got all three stars? I'm dying of curiosity - which game??

  2. You are indeed reading that correctly. The game was the 11/14/09 game vs. Chicago, an OT loss. Here's the gamesheet:

  3. On second glance, here's what might have happened. The Three Stars are ususally selected before the game is over. The media guys probably chose the stars of the game with the thought that Texas was going to get a 3-2 win. The last goal was scored with 51 seconds in the game.

  4. I would like to note that the Supervisor of Off Ice Officials picks who the 3 Stars of the game should be, then radios it down to the Texas Stars marketing department usual in the last minute of the game. They then choose who they announce and often make changes to the original 3 . Hence the game that the Stars lost but got all 3 stars.


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