Contracts, Contracts, Contracts: Looking Ahead to 2010-11

Looking ahead to the next year in the AHL is always a murky prospect with regard to players. There are some things we know for sure though that we can share. With free agency coming in a few days (July 1), it's important to take a look at this information now.

First, we'll take a look at all of the players who are under contract to Dallas and are on two-way contracts. I've only included the players likely to play in Texas or Idaho next year. Some of these players might make it to the NHL out of camp next year.
  • Tyler Beskorowany (G)
  • Richard Bachman (G)
  • Brent Krahn (G)
  • Sergei Korostin (RW)
  • Colton Sceviour (RW)
  • Ondrej Roman (C)
  • Luke Gazdic (LW)
  • Mathieu Tousignant (C)
  • Andrew Hutchinson (D)
  • Michael Neal (LW)
  • Tristan King (C)
  • Hubert Labrie (D)
  • Guillaume Monast (D)
  • Philip Larsen (D)
  • Tomas Vincour (RW)

Next, there are several players who are going to be unrestricted free agents on July 1 unless they re-sign with Dallas. On July 1, these players are free to sign with any team in the NHL. Until then, Dallas has exclusive negotiation rights with these players.
  • Matt Climie (G)
  • Dan Jancevski (D)
  • Warren Peters (C)
  • Francis Wathier (LW)
  • Garrett Stafford (D)

The following players are restricted free agents (RFAs). The current contract holder for restricted free agents has the 'first right of refusal' to signing them. Players are extended qualifying offers by the club if the club wants to re-sign them. Players not extended qualifying offers become unrestricted free agents on July 1. Other teams can put down offer sheets on RFAs (contract terms), but the player's current team always has the right to match the offer sheet. If the current club decides not to match the offer sheet on a player and they go to the other club, the player's current club gets compensation in the form of draft picks. The picks are given out according to the value of the contract as setup in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. All of these players have been extended qualifying offers except for Tyler Shelast.
  • Raymond Sawada (RW)
  • Perttu Lindgren (C)
  • Aaron Gagnon (C)
  • Maxime Fortunus (D)
  • Trevor Ludwig (D)
  • Tyler Shelast (F) (not extended qualifying offer)

Finally, there are those players under contract in the AHL and not the NHL. According to my sources, the Texas Stars had no players on contracts longer than one year. Therefore, all of these players are free to sign anywhere in the AHL (or NHL) on July 1. This strategy makes sense in the AHL because you are not in full control of your personnel year-to-year; it's up to the big club to decide who comes to the minors. All of these players could come back; none of them could come back. Given the number of forwards coming in from juniors next year, I think Texas might not need as many AHL contracted forwards.
  • Travis Morin (F)
  • Greg Rallo (F)
  • Cody Chupp (F)
  • Scott McCulloch (LW)
  • Landon Wilson (RW)
  • Mathieu Beaudoin (RW)
  • Ethan Graham (D)
  • Matt Stephenson (D)

What do you think? Who does Texas keep of the AHL guys? Thoughts on the UFAs?


  1. I'd like to see the Stars bring back as much of the playoff roster as possible (except for Jamie Benn, of course, who'll be in Dallas). Aside from seeing an exciting team product, I'd think that roster stability and excellent team play would create a better environment through which to bring the NHL-track prospects. (I say that not really knowing much about NHL talent development).

    --Chris M.

  2. I say this without looking at what's needed and not: I think Jancevski is an absolute priority. He anchors the defense and plays more minutes in more situations than any other D; Fortunus a close second. I'd also like to see Graham continue his development in Austin. Morin and McCulloch up front, maybe Rallo as well.

  3. As far as UFA's and AHL only guys I think the priorities need to be Wathier, Stafford, Beaudoin, and Graham, and of course Wilson if he wants to play another year. Guys that'd be nice to keep around, but not as much of a priority would be Rallo, Morin, and Peters, I don't think it hurts the team to let the rest of them walk, including Climie (of course, my thoughts on Climie aren't exactly in sync with the majority of Stars fans), but if we can re-sign those guys we should be able to make another run.

  4. I know, sounds rough but if they were all that they would be under NHL contracts. I'm not sure any of those guys aren't easily replaceable. I think Chupp will get a long look given he is young and looks to have a bio of being a smart player on the ice and a team player/leader type. I like McCulloch and although didn't think much of Stevenson during the season I though he picked it up a notch in the playoffs.

    Anyone who doesn't want the roster to change might as well expect to see the Stars go no further than the 2nd round. Let's be honest, Benn was a huge factor in getting past rounds 2 and 3, he was invisible for 4 and we lost.

    Wilson might of held the most valuable spot on the team and it was wasted on him, I hope to see a new player in that spot who can score or run the powerplay.


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