AHL Schedule Released, Texas Opens Against SA, Plays Seven 3-in-3s

The AHL released their much-awaited schedule today. Here's the link:

TheAHL.com: 2010-2010 Schedule

Texas plays 7 three-in-threes, including back to back 3-in-3s in February. February features 14 games in 28 days as well. Peculiarly, the Stars play four matinee games this year, including some mid-week tilts. Texas hosts Chicago on Wednesday November 10th at 11 AM and Syracuse on Monday March 7th at 11 AM as well. The Stars will play at Chicago at 11 AM on the 12th of January and at Lake Erie at 10:45 AM on February 16th. Get your vacation emails to the boss ready now...

Here is the breakdown of schedule by day.

Sun: 12
Mon: 4
Tue: 10
Wed: 8
Thu: 2
Fri: 22
Sat: 22

Longest home stretch: 7 games in 14 days (Nov 24-Dec 7)
Longest road stretch: 8 games in 13 days (Feb 14-Feb 26)


  1. Kinda odd having the matinees, I think the first one falls around Veteran's Day though, so that'd make sense, I don't know what holidays the others would fall on though. Seven 3 in 3's seems a little harsh too, have you seen anything that shows how many each team has and how that compares to everybody else?

    Looks like a trip to San Antonio may be in order for October 10th too

  2. Honestly, Texas may have gotten off easy. I've seen as many as 13 (Houston).

  3. Ok, so I guess a quarter of your games being in a 3 in 3 isn't as bad as nearly half. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with cutting cost on travel, but it seems like that's about the only benefit that comes from the 3 in 3, the quality of play definitely isn't helped by them though.


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