Quick Hits: Francis Wathier

Francis Wathier battles for a rebound with Milwaukee Admirals defenseman Scott Ford in last Saturday's 3-2 OT win in Wisconsin. (Credit: Chris Jerina)
Left winger Francis Wathier had a pretty crazy week last week, being called up to Dallas on Monday and returning to play in Tuesday night's game on his birthday:
"I got the call Sunday night. I was having dinner with my wife, my son and some friends. So I got home pretty excited. I took the plane early on Monday, a 5:45 AM plane. I had to get up at 3 AM so it was pretty interesting. I practiced, warmed up but didn't dress. Getting the call is always a good thing because they're thinking about you. They're rewarding you for playing well."
On the four games in five days road trip:
"It's pretty crazy, but that's fun. We're going to play a lot of hockey, so we can't complain. We play hockey for a living, so that's always a good thing. The main thing is to get some rest tonight to rest up for tomorrow. Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids... that's going to be interesting: a lot of time on the bus. That's where all the guys communicate, spend some time, have a few laughs, and maybe a few card games. Can't complain; it's a good time with the boys."


  1. The adoration we Stars fans have for Wathier is matched only by our conflicted desire to see him permanently crack the Dallas line-up. I have some video of Wathier, it's just one shift from earlier this season, 29 seconds long, and in that time he throws two huge checks on opposite sides of the offensive zone, slips past the D for a partial breakaway, and sets up Fortunas for a one-timer from behind the net. That's a typical shift in the life of Francis Wathier. And it's why he rules.

  2. He is a great interview as well, for the record. In my most recent interaction, there were 3 questions asked and he went on for 2 and a half minutes.

  3. I'm not surprised to hear that- he was pretty much the last to leave the meet n greet.


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