Austin Smith, Jack Campbell to Texas; Scott Campbell Released

Scott Campbell (Credit: Portraits by Deena)
Just to make it official, Texas has announced three roster moves in the past two days that haven't been posted here yet.

First, goalie Jack Campbell, Dallas's 2010 first round selection, was assigned on Tuesday. He arrived yesterday and practiced with the team this morning.

Second, Austin Smith, one of Dallas's 2007 5th round picks, arrived yesterday as well and presumably practiced this morning. (Other 2007 5th rounders include Jamie Benn, Ondrej Roman and Michael Neal. Talk about a wide spread.) He spent today doing radio interviews with Jack. None of those were publicized by the Stars though, so I did not hear them if they occurred live.

Finally, Texas returned Scott Campbell to Las Vegas now that Taylor Vause and Austin Smith are in the lineup at forward.

Coach Pyle has said that Jack Campbell will definitely be getting starts in the last ten games. He also added:
"If [the new signees are] going to work hard, they'll play as much as we can possibly play them. Obviously the guys [here] right now aren't getting it done, so we'll take a look at the new guys as much as possible."