Gameday Preview: Stars v. Oklahoma City Barons

Texas Stars
27-31-2-2, 58 pts
#15 Western Conference
v.Oklahoma City Barons
38-17-4-4, 84 pts
#1 Western Conference
March 17th at 7:00 PM
Cedar Park Center, Cedar Park, TX

With the game against the team same team as last night, there isn't too much to preview. I wanted to show Coach Pyle's entire postgame interview from last night, because I think it was really quality stuff and says a lot about how this team has done this season.

Stars injury/call up report:
Vincour, Benn (callup)
Labrie, Schultz, Fortunus, Tousignant (injury)

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  1. I hadn't seen that full clip. Wow. A lot to digest from Pyle. He has to know that it reflects poorly on him when he says he's been harping on the same points all season to no avail.


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