Gameday Preview: Stars at Milwaukee Admirals, Game 2

Texas Stars
43-22-5-6, 97 pts
#1 Western Conference
atMilwaukee Admirals
41-28-4-3, 89 pts
#8 Western Conference
Stars lead 1-0

April 27th at 7:00 PM
Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI

Texas accomplished their mission in game 1 last night. It was a tight game and most of the action came on the power play.

The game winner was a great play by Mike Hedden and obviously a great finish by Ritchie. Hedden, who had just come over the boards on a change, sent the puck forward in front of the Stars' bench. This caught the Ads off guard as Ritchie cut into the zone and beat Hellberg, who had been stellar all night.

Expect more of the same from these two tonight. Milwaukee might get Filip Forsberg this time around for real. The first rounder could have played in tonight's Nashville game, which means he is eligible to play in Saturday's finale without burning a year on his entry level contract. They would have left him in Milwaukee if they hadn't intended to play him. It looks like Game 3 will be the first with new bodies for both teams. Those would include Chiasson, Benn and Reilly Smith for Texas.

Nilstorp and Hellberg look to be the starters again. Both performed well in their first AHL playoff games.

The Stars need to stay out of the box tonight, as Milwaukee got both of their goals on the power play. Sometimes that's hard to do, but Texas should make sure they don't get goaded into anything by the Ads. They seemed to be physical and chippy with the Stars on Friday. Watch for that tonight.

Stars injury/call up report:
R. Smith, Chiasson, Benn (call up)
Nemeth (injury)

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Blog (Official): In The Crease
Blog (Unofficial): Admirals Roundtable (@adsroundtable)
Twitter: @mkeadmirals


  1. A bit chippy? No, a bit chippy is when you chirp before a faceoff. When you stand over a goalie taunting him after a goal, that's not chippy...that's disrespectful. Our boys did a pretty good job of keeping their heads. Class and coaching will show!

  2. Stephen,
    With Alex occupying one of the roster spots, if he were to be unable to play, would that allow for another player to be sent down in his place? It appears he has until Wednesday now to be game ready, but is that one of the roster exceptions? Steve


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