Texas Celebrates Five Years in Cedar Park With New Jersey Patch, Center Ice Logo

The new Stars' five year campaign logo will be
featured on jerseys and center ice.
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If you'd believe it, the Texas Stars are opening up their fifth season this fall. The team has announced a commemorative logo to be added to their jersey for the duration of the season to celebrate. It is not immediately clear where on the new jerseys the patch will be placed. The patch logo will also be the center ice logo for the Cedar Park Center ice in 2013-14.

Here's the release:
The Texas Stars unveiled today their official Fifth Anniversary logo to celebrate the upcoming 2013-14 season.

The Stars official fifth anniversary logo features an augmented version of the primary logo's green and gold star, a large number five, the words Texas Stars and the years 2009-2014 commemorating the team's seasons of operation, all of which overlay a black circle with gold trim.

The Stars fifth anniversary logo will feature prominently as a patch on the team's home and road jerseys, while also being emblazoned on a variety of new team merchandise. An adaptation of the logo will serve as the center ice logo at Cedar Park Center for the 2013-14 season. The logo introduction is the next step of an on-going fifth anniversary celebration which began when the Stars unveiled their new jersey designs in late May.


  1. Any word on if they bought the banner for the Western Division win?

  2. Doubt it! That would require them to spend money. Looks like they invested all that cash into the design of this logo. #epicfail

  3. you mean South Division banner? they didnt win the western conference Grand Rapids did that after they beat OKC.


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