Gameday Preview: Stars at St. John's IceCaps, Game 4

Texas Stars
48-18-3-7, 106 pts
#1 Western Conference
atSt. John's IceCaps
46-23-2-5, 99 pts
#4 Eastern Conference
Texas leads 2-1

June 16th at 5:00 PM
Mile One Centre, St. John's, NL

Oh, hey, welcome back. There's still hockey to be played. After a full four days off, Texas will take to the ice for Game 4 against the IceCaps. Up 2-1, they've managed to regain their home ice advantage by winning Game 3.

With two solid goaltenders, it was about time that the Stars put in some overtime. It's an extremely good thing that Texas has been so good in overtime. You might think that a team that does most of its business scoring in bunches would have hit-and-miss overtime luck. However, in this postseason, they are 4-0: two 3-2 wins at OKC, a 3-2 win at Grand Rapids and now a fourth, 2-1 this time, against St. John's. It's even better to note that all of those wins have been on the road.

The key to this evening's game will be the first period, even more so than in the others. With four days off, both teams will be re-finding themselves and each other on the ice. The Stars, for their part, took two days off (Thursday and Friday) and went hard in practice Saturday and Sunday.

It still seems likely that the IceCaps get one game in St. John's. If the Stars do manage to get all three, that would of course be phenomenal. However, it just doesn't seem like they will be able to do it given that crowd and how closely they played each other in Game 3.

This starts another three games in four nights sequence for the teams. Tonight's game will be followed tomorrow less than 24 hours later. If St. John's wins either game, the Stars will get one more home game on Thursday after long travel again on Wednesday.

Stars injury/call up report:
Klingberg, Petersen (injury)

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  1. This is a make or break game for the IceCaps. I am already anxious in anticipation.

    1. As a Stars fan I share your anxiety! It's not a must win for us, but I'd love to come back home up 3-2 over having to win both games here in Cedar Park.

  2. Article on Morin in today's local newspaper...


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