Quick Hits: Mike Hedden Talks About Heading to Croatia

Mike Hedden (Credit: Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)
As was reported last Friday, Mike Hedden is off to the KHL. After exit interviews, I got a chance to talk to him briefly before he headed off to start his European adventure.

On the process of the signing:
"It was a work in progress. A lot of it took place before playoffs. I was originally talking to a team in Finland and looked like I was going to be signing there. Things got delayed and out of nowhere, Croatia came up and started talking to my agent. They shot back and forth and worked something out. Out of respect, I kept it quiet [during playoffs].

"I'm excited. It's a new chapter I'm looking forward to. It's time to go; I'm not getting any younger."
On going out on top:
"I have no regrets. This is a great organization. It's obviously sad to go because there are such great fans and such a great group of guys. It's a well-knit group. I'm a little upset but it's time to go."
On his new team having so many North Americans:
"I didn't want to go somewhere where it was just me and one other North American, especially since I'm bringing the 'old lady' with me. That factored into it quite a bit. I'm glad there are a lot of North Americans."
On how his girlfriend is taking the move:
"She's excited. Obviously she has a lot of family here, she's from here, but she's excited."
On the opportunity he had in Texas:
"I owe a lot to Scott White. He brought me in three years ago, two years out of D3. I wasn't experienced yet. I wanted to show everyone I could play at this level. They gave me the chance, and I just ran with it."
The KHL's preseason starts the first week in August.


  1. Looking at their website, Medvescak Zagreb, is REALLY excited to have him on board. The team looks to have about the same nationality composition as most NHL and AHL teams - that is about 2/3rds Canadian, a bunch of Americans, and a small smattering of Europeans. If the pay is good, he should have a great time there, but we'll miss him terribly here in Austin!!!!

  2. First week in August, that's a short summer vacation ... but still much longer than virtually any other working person anywhere. At any rate I wish him success; great hockey player, fun to talk to, dead ringer for Richard Gere. Zagreb will have some new followers from central Texas this season.

    1. Can't wait to see a Hedden Zagreb jersey at the CPC.

  3. You will always have a home here in Texas! Thanks so much for the memories...

  4. Thanks for the great memories. We'll miss you a lot. I wish you well with your new team.


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