Tyler Beskorowany's "Whirlwind" Year Puts Him in Finals Against Former Team

Former Texas goaltender refocused and ready for whatever comes next
(Credit: Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)
To say former Texas Stars goalie Tyler Beskorowany has had a wild year would run the risk of understating it a bit. After starting the season in San Francisco with the ECHL's Bulls and then finding himself unemployed mid-season, he has played in Florida and Newfoundland en route to a Calder Cup Finals berth with the IceCaps.

"It's been a whirlwind," said Beskorowany ahead of Game 1. "It's been a learning curve. Everywhere I go, I learn a little more. I've learned a lot in St. John's, and I've found what works for me. It's showed in the games I've gotten here."

After being drafted by Dallas in the second round in 2008, he spent 2010-11 split between Idaho and Texas before playing all year in Texas in 2011-12. His 2012-13 campaign with the Steelheads was his last in the Stars organization as they did not tender him a qualifying offer last summer.

As a free agent, the Ontario native chose to sign with the ECHL's San Francisco Bulls. It gave him a chance to be a tryout signing for any AHL team while working on improving his game in the ECHL. He was an ECHL All-Star in his rookie year.

The Bulls folded mid-season, a rarity nowadays for professional hockey clubs at the AA level. Beskorowany was a free agent and unemployed for the first time in his pro career. With his season over in SFO and no AHL team to reassign him, Beskorowany went home to Sudbury to wait for his next move.

"I packed up and went to [ECHL] Orlando from there. I was there for a few days and then St. John's came calling and said they needed me.  It was good to get into a few games in Orlando. I hadn't played since San Francisco, so I got into two games there and met the [IceCaps] in Providence."

Beskorowany went 7-2-2 with St. John's this season, playing crucial games in late March and early April with Michael Hutchinson in Winnipeg and Eddie Pasquale out with an injury.

"I just went out and played my game. These guys are amazing. A defensive team that blocks shots. It gave me the confidence to play my game."

Coming back to Texas presents an interesting set of memories and new experiences for the fourth year AHLer.

"Being on the other side, it's definitely a change. I hadn't actually ever been in that dressing room until today. It's different, especially seeing the guys there and not being on their team."

After his experience with the Dallas organization, Beskorowany seems to have refocused himself on his play and spent some time in honest reflection.

"I didn't put up great numbers the last couple of years here. I know coming into this year I may have been red flagged a bit."

He continued, "Being able to play games in the AHL and put up good numbers, I think I showed a lot of teams out there who I am and the character I have to be able to bounce back from what I've been through. I think I made a good name for myself, but we'll see through the coming free agency."

Finally, though Beskorowany has yet to play in these playoffs, he knows it's a possibility on any night. In this series, it could happen against his former team and in the Cedar Park Center against the fans that first welcomed him to the AHL.

"It might be mixed emotions. I think I left a good name here when I left and the crowd really liked me."

He added, smiling, "But I've seen Matt Climie come back here, and he didn't get the warmest of welcomes. I don't know how they'll react."


  1. Besko knows full well how we'll react. He'll be taunted and yelled at, and we'll be especially loud if he lets in a goal and especially quiet if he makes a great save. He got a raw deal when he was here, but was always a pro to talk to, and the only way I see fit to show him respect is by taunting him. To do anything less would be an insult. Remember the hideous Syracuse matinee? He was pulled from that game, and yet was way friendlier and more professional than several other players in that heat-stroke, starved autograph signing they did after the game. I'm a Besko fan now and always, and always hope the best for him, and I'll taunt him without mercy. Name of the game.


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