Flames' New Mascot is Frightening, Knocked Out a Fireman

(Credit: Megan Famer/Glens Falls Post-Star)
UPDATE: The Flames have issued a statement apologizing for their "thoughtlessness" in producing this skit. More here.

For any Texas Stars fans hoping for the addition of a mascot to the game entertainment, be careful what you wish for. The picture above is the Adirondack Flames' "Scorch", the newest mascot in the AHL. This story comes to us courtesy of the Glens Falls Post-Star from Diana C. Nearhos.

The picture, as you can see, shows Scorch overpowering a fireman, who lies lifelessly on the ground in front of him. I'm no PR master but I think that a mascot who is shown lording over a fireman is a bad move. Firemen are consistently placed in the top three if not directly at the top of the rankings in terms of most admired professions in America.

The video is even worse:

Twitter agreed:


  1. I wish people would stop being so mired in political correctness we have to think twice about this. Who cares, just a silly skit...lighten up people.

  2. Normally I would agree with Carl. However, mascots are mainly a marketing item that is targeted to the younger audience at the games. In this case, the video is a marketing disaster, since kids are going to look up to fireman as the post discusses. It is a silly skit, and from a marketing point of view a total failure


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