Kevin Connauton Claimed by Columbus; Texas In a Bind on Defense

(Credit: Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)
UPDATE: Per Mark Stepneski, Dallas is expected to recall Jyrki Jokipakka.

It's a calculated risk to put a player on waivers. Dallas defenseman Kevin Connauton was placed on waivers yesterday and was claimed today by the Columbus Blue Jackets. That leaves Dallas with just six defensemen on the roster.

The claim has big implications for the Texas Stars. When Dallas hits the road again, they will certainly want a seventh defenseman. That defenseman will likely come from the Texas Stars. Odds on favorite is Jyrki Jokipakka, who has already played several games in the NHL this year. There could be some chance that Dallas calls Cameron Gaunce becuase they would rather have Jokipakka playing in Cedar Park than scratched in the NHL. (Note: Jokipakka was recalled shortly after this story was first published.)

This is obviously a developing and rapidly changing situation. Dallas has a game tonight at home, which starts a five-game homestand. The team doesn't need a 7th man for now, but they will soon. If we assume it's Jokipakka, that means Texas will be down to Fortunus, Meech, Wrenn, Honka, Gaunce, and Dalhuisen. The Stars will likely want to sign another defenseman as the 5-6 role. I don't think Troy Vance is ready to be pressed into service quite yet at this level.


  1. I have a couple of questions. What did Dallas get back from Columbus for Connauton and wouldn't they have been better off trading him for another player?

    1. Dallas got nothing back. That's how waivers work. It's a protection for players to ensure they don't get buried in the minors in one org when they might have a chance to play in another.

      Trading assumes you can find a trading partner. CBJ does have to keep Connauton on their roster for 30 days and he would have to go through waivers again if CBJ wanted to send him down.

    2. Additional benefit to Dallas in this case is cap space / salary savings, right? I read something about low cap hit but high salary hit for Connauton.

  2. Both teams need some continuality. Not going to happen as long as each roster keeps changing. Good thing it's still early and lots of games left.


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