Texas Stars Release 2015-16 Schedule

Travis Morin (Credit: Christina Shapiro/Texas Stars)
Clear your calendar; the Texas Stars finally have a schedule for 2015-16. After much waiting, as always in the AHL, the league has released its slate of contests for the coming year. You can view it on TheAHL.com.

As if you were going to expect anyone but the Rampage as the most frequent opponent... With the arrival of the California Five, however, Texas tacks on two more games than they've ever played against a single opponent. The previous high of 12 was set against OKC, San Antonio and Houston in various years in the past. The year San Antonio and Texas will play 14 games.

Only three other teams have 14-game matchups on their calendar: Providence, Portland and Springfield. The Bruins will, in fact, play either Portland or Springfield for 28/76 games this season (almost 2 in 5 games). So that won't get chippy or boring or anything, I'm sure.

Here are some quick hits:
  • Most frequent opponent: San Antonio (14)
  • Least frequent Western opponent: Anyone in the Central Division (4 games)
  • Longest road trip: 4 games, twice (November 24-29 all in California, December 13-19 in the Midwest)
  • Longest home stand: 5 games twice (October 30-November 14, February 26-March 5)
  • Number of 3-in-3s: 4 (including one set on consecutive weekends)
Important dates:
  • Rockford, who ended last year's Calder Cup pursuit, returns to the CPC on December 2nd.
  • Two day games will dot the schedule, both away, on November 17 and December 17.
  • Maxime Fortunus does not return to the CPC until March 2nd.
First visit by each California team to Texas:
  • Stockton: October 21
  • Bakersfield: October 30
  • Ontario: November 21
  • San Diego: December 31
  • San Jose: January 27
Look for a deeper analysis of the entire AHL schedule this afternoon...


  1. Not a kind schedule to this team. They are young and on paper not as good as the other teams in the division. Would of been nice to have better than 2 of the first 7 games at home.


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