Dallas Stars Expected to Announce Qualifying Offers for Texas Stars Maxime Lagace, Matej Stransky

Update (11:40 AM CST): Dallas has confirmed the below.

As the dust has settled from the draft and free agency looms this week, the Dallas Stars are expected to announce qualifying offers today. Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News fills in the details:
This means that Emil Molin, Taylor Peters and Troy Vance are the only players who will not get offers. They are immediately unrestricted free agents on July 1. Peters retired, according to Sean Shapiro, at the end of this season. Molin is playing in Europe next season. Vance played in Europe this past year.

Jack Campbell, the other notable RFA that was mentioned here in this post, was traded on Saturday to Los Angeles.

A qualifying offer does not mean that a player is signed. It means that an offer has been extended. Players must still sign the offers to play. The only risk is Matej Stransky, who may have other offers in Europe.


  1. Stransky still has not signed his qualifying offer, correct? Or has he? I know they announced when Legace did, but I never heard anything on Stransky

    1. That's correct. However, players have a long time to sign them. Technically, until December 1.


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