100 Degree Hockey Is Looking for New Writers

Since 2009, 100 Degree Hockey has been the premier source for Texas Stars news and hockey coverage in Austin, Texas. We are looking for a new writer to provide occasional coverage of Texas Stars home games.

Applicants would be expected to provide coverage of Texas Stars home games in the form of 400-700 word game recaps, which should include blended player/coach quotes and light analysis. Applicants are expected to attend the games in person. Professionalism is expected from applicants. While it is surely more fun to cover a winning team, fandom should not color the analysis and coverage of the game at hand. Applicants must be able to separate any affinity for the team from their writing.

If the applicant is successful on a consistent basis, future assignments may include opportunities for player and coach interviews in postgame scrum and covering the game from the press box when the opportunity arises.

This is not a paid position. Believe me, I don’t make money on this venture. This is an opportunity to grow your journalistic skill and deepen your understanding of a sport by working directly with a professional franchise with the backing of an entity that has covered the team since its inception.

Who are you?
  • Knowledgeable of the game of hockey
  • Able to attend games at H-E-B Center at Cedar Park on your own dime (To start at least. Credentials may be forthcoming if the tryout is successful. I also have more flexibility with obtaining tryout credentials for university students studying journalism.)
  • Capable of writing high quality 400-700 word game summary including blended player/coach quotes
  • Capable of delivering game summary to editor within 60 minutes of game completion
Who are we?
For more information on 100 Degree Hockey, check out the About Us page.

What’s next?
This is going to be a live fire exercise. Applicants will write a sample postgame story for the March 4th home game. If unable to attend, other work may be substituted. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please email stephen [at] 100degreehockey.com. Include any work samples, if relevant.