Report: Derek Laxdal Already Renewed for Next Season

(Credit: Andy Nietupski/Texas Stars)
In news first reported on Sean Shapiro's Wrong Side of the Red Line, Texas Stars head coach Derek Laxdal has already been renewed for next season. While the deal is not a new development, this is the first public disclosure of the deal.

While many have maligned the former Oil Kings and Steelheads coach during his time at Texas, last night's game in the NHL was a perfect example of why the Dallas Stars are renewing his contract. There were only four skaters in the lineup who had never played with the Texas Stars. Further, with players like Gemel Smith and Denis Gurianov in the lineup, Laxdal's stamp on the team was clear. Neither player was expected to play a single NHL game at the start of the season. Gurianov got into one and Gemel Smith finished with 17.

More to come on this story this week.


  1. Not the news I wanted to hear. now we can shoot for a 4th year in a row with no improvement over the prior year. If that trend continues we will be DEAD LAST IN THE LEAGUE next year.


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