Texas Stars Could See Highest Ever Dallas Draft Pick In Near Future Following Draft Lottery

Scott Glennie is the current highest (Dallas) draft pick to suit up for the Stars.
It may not be next year, or maybe not even the year after that, but the Texas Stars have a chance to see a third overall pick on the Cedar Park ice in the near future.

Last night's draft lottery saw the Dallas Stars on the receiving end of some friendly non-puck bounces. With the lottery, the Stars moved up from eighth to third. It will be their highest pick since the club moved to Dallas in 1993.

Third overall picks don't generally spend a ton of time in the AHL before heading to the NHL, if the past is any prologue. Leon Draisaitl, Alex Galchenyuk and Jonathan Drouin, three of the last four #3 picks, played a combined 25 games for their AHL squads.

For a bit of trivia, the Texas Stars have had a #3 pick suit up for them before, so it wouldn't be a first for that occurrence. It wasn't Dallas's pick, but defenseman Cam Barker was a third overall pick for Blackhawks in 2004 and played 23 games for Texas in 2012-13.