Where is the Calder Cup The Rest of the Year?

(Credit: AHL)
No matter what, the Calder Cup, the AHL's top prize, will be awarded this week in Toronto. But where has it been this season in the meantime?

As Texas and Toronto came to Cedar Park tied at 1 early last week, it was possible that the Cup could have been awarded on Saturday if either team swept the games in Texas. Then the question occurred to me, "Where is the Calder Cup now?"

I turned to the AHL's PR team, who are in town for the series, to answer that one. Hannah Bevis, who manages all digital and social endeavor for the league, had a few answers.

The league doesn't have a keeper of the Cup like the NHL for the Stanley Cup. It stays in Springfield most of the year and actually does not currently have a permanent display case at the league office. The Cup resides in its padded box in storage for most of the season.

Aside from promotional appearances, the Cup doesn't come out of storage until it's possible for a team to clinch, which means it never made it to Texas last week. It will be on its way to Toronto today as it could be won tonight.

Who comes with the Cup? The league has a rotating staff of front office people who haul the Cup wherever it needs to go.

League president Dave Andrews will be on hand to potentially present the Cup Tuesday's evening to the Marlies if they win. No matter what, the Calder Cup will have a new home by Thursday night.