Texas Stars Announce Renovation Plans for Arena's Retractable Seating

Plan will add glass seating and cross-aisle row for better fan movement
Plans for the new seating in the west 'endzone'
(Credit: Texas Stars and Hussey Seating)
The Texas Stars and H-E-B Center at Cedar Park have announced their plans to replace the telescopic seating platforms in sections 111, 112 and 113. Season ticket holders in the affected sections received an email detailing the below information this morning. The seats were damaged during a routine changeover in the middle of the season and were out of commission since early February. 100 Degree Hockey previously reported on the arena's plans here.

Highlights of the new plan include the addition of 21 new glass seats in the section and a cross-aisle to facilitate movement across the sections, removing rows C and D as a result.

"With the increasing event count at H-E-B Center we had a need for an efficient, operator friendly, and robust system that will see hundreds of conversions per year," said Texas Stars Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Michael Delay, who spearheaded the effort. "Given the opportunity to redesign the seating area for Texas Stars games we felt it was important to add additional glass and second row seats as well."

Current estimates show work may not be completed until the second week of October. Current season ticket holders in these sections are being contacted by the team to begin the process of relocation or upgrade. Existing season ticket holders will be allowed to upgrade into these seats as their season seats during the ensuing two weeks and then the seats will be opened for all new ticket holders. Delay said the Stars are working with Hussey Seating and the arena to take every opportunity to make an opening night completion a possibility, but there are many factors at play.

Several significant changes are included in the project, which will be completed by Hussey Seating.
  • The addition of a total of twenty-one (21) Row A – Glass Seats in Sections 112, 113, and 114
  • The addition of additional second row seats bringing the total to twenty-two (22) Row B seats in Sections 112, 113, and 114 and the corresponding removal of the stairwells at the two center down aisles between sections 111/112 and 112/113
  • The addition of seats in Section 112 Row L – Lowering the height of the Zamboni tunnel by one row
  • An overall reduction of the total seating capacity by 86 seats primarily as a result of the removal of rows C and D in all 3 sections to create a cross-aisle between 111/112 and 112/113
  • The sections will feature fixed, armless seating in all Rows except Row R (top row) which remains folding seats. 
  • The down aisles will be wider in all sections, and row E seats may be entered from the front as they are now on the cross-aisle.
Pricing will be commensurate with other sections: Glass pricing for Row A, Luxury in B, Executive for E-G and everything else at Terrace.

Texas will continue to communicate with season ticket holders in these sections over the summer as the season approaches.